Montag, 5. Oktober 2009

The finess difference with Tube-Tech SMC 2B and Studer A 80

There are two devices which are significant in creating the sound of These are the analogue multiband compressor with tube technology Tube-Tech SMC 2B and the analogue taperecorder Studer A 80.
In the following notes I describe what these machines do and how we use them.
With the multiband compressor it´s possible to compress several frequencies in a different range. This is very useful because , in a “normal” compressor, the frequencies are compressed which have the highest level. These are mostly the frequencies of 40 Hz to 400 Hz. So the compression of the complete spectrum is determined by these low frequencies.
With the Tube Tech I have the choise to compress three different frequency bandwidths. If there is a song which has a strong bass, it´s possible to set the compression only these lower frequencies. The vocals or guitars are still untouched.
The increase in volume is realised by the compression of the Tube-Tech’s tubes. There is a different adjuster for each bandwidth (adjusters for bass, middle and the treble bandwidth). This is nothing more then a three band equlizer. So I use this machine not only to increase loudness but it is a dynamik equlizer as well. The equalization starts when a defined threshold level is reached.
So it is possible to raise the level of separate instrument groups which makes it possible to enormously influence the balance of the original mix. This is naturally only done when necessary. In respect to the original sound of the song we keep the original charcter. The goal of mastering is to feature what´s best in the music.
So I use the Tube-Tech primarily to bring back several instruments or vocals that have been lost in the mix. As a result you get a „tidy“ total sound.
With little tweaks of compression from 2-3dB, and a tube sounded make up gain I am shaping an unique homogeneously warm sound

By using our Studer A 80 tape recorder the mastering process gets a unique direction.
The mastered song is recorded on a magnetic tape and played back just 1/10 sec later.
The specific charakter is formed by mapping the audio signal in magnetic energy and converting it back.
Subjectively, this creates the impression that the digital bits are joined to a homogeneous whole field together. My impression is that it advances the deep staggered .
So this is additive process to bring the analogue sound in the digtal world.

The band saturation is a popular theme in the use of analog tape recording.
You will get a compression when you record a very high level on a magnetic tape.
The magnetic flux has a specific limit. If you cross this level the magnetic flux doesn´t raise in the same way as the power level. In this way you will get the famous band saturation.

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