Montag, 16. April 2007

Thank you!

This is where I thank my clients for putting their trust in me.

This web page has been active as of August 2005.
Since it's opening, we have had the pleasure of working for more then 400 clients, from all corners around the world. This makes us not only proud but also very happy, and because it is so much fun I want to now list (in random order) some of the countries from which our clients come:

U.S.A., Malaysia, Great Britain, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Franc, Guyana, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Ecuador, Norway, Denmark, Austria, United Arab Emirate, Portugal, Finland, Netherlands, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, Albania, South Africa, Russia, Porto Rico, Venezuela, Nigeria, and more then 200 clients from Germany.

We are now approaching the one thousandth mastered song. Here are a few client statement to the work we have done, on our way to the one thousand mark.

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