Freitag, 28. Juli 2017

technical anaysis of a produced song

Before I start mastering a song, I listen and analyze its acoustic-technical problems. I separate the overall sound into its components.

First, I check out the low frequencies. 
Are the basses generated by the bass,the bassdrum or both?
Are there any other instruments which sounds below 100 Hz? -
If the Lo End o.k or should I use a high-pass filter above 30 Hz. (This shows me also my spectrum analyzer)
Are there any problems between the bass and the bassdrum?

Next, I check out the mid frequencies between 200 Hz and 3000 Hz (where the "music plays").
Is there any instrument or a voice that is too loud?
Is there a single frequency that is too loud?
Is there any instrument or a voice that should be louder?
Is the kick of the bassdrum (the attack) and snaredrum powerful enough?

What about the presences (between 3000 Hz and 8000 Hz)
Which instruments are still involved in this frequency range?
Is the voice sound present enough?
Are there problems with "S" in the voice?
Are there instruments and overtones that are to strong here?
Is the hihat too loud (classic error in the mixdown)?
Is Snaredrum still there?

Next check out the high-end above 8000 Hz
Which instruments play "top"?
(Again) Are the hihat, ride and crash o.k.?

What about the total sound
Does anything boom in the bass?
Does the title sound too sharp or too dull?
What happens in the side channel, are there phase cancellations (stereo information)?
What is the total level, has the sum ever been compressed?
Do we need more loudness
if I´m unsure I will listen to the song in comparsion to other titels same genre.

Stefan Noltemeyer

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