Donnerstag, 7. November 2019

One Master in two different levels

Now our clients will receive their masters in two different maximized versions.
Version 1 is mastered without a noticeable limiter. This version is used for the online platforms. It has a much higher dynamic than version 2. The second variant is maximized as usual, as it is well-defensible and loud.
to 1: Most online music platforms play their songs at a level of -18 to -14 lufs. Broadcasting establishes a level of -23 lufs (R-128 norm). Loudness Units Full Scale is a frequency weighted unit for loudness. The loudness is determined over the entire title. It makes no sense to create a master that is initially maximized to reduce it by at least 6 dB. So we have decided to create masters which are practically without noticeable use of a limiter. It does not depend one litte dB, because the level is also determined by the arrangement of the song. If a title contains quiet passages, then averaged the loud sections may be a bit louder than if the level were relatively consistent. It is important that this master does not influence the sound by limiting or maximizing. We welcome this development.
to 2: The level on a cd is another topic. Depending on the genre, it still gets really loud here. With a cd master we proceed as usual with a level as loud as possible, without "overdoing it". Of course, it may also make sense to use a limiter as a sound-influencing element to deliberately create a sound of "compression". Stefan Noltemeyer

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